About Us

The lawyer, the teacher, and the granola maker. 


The first two careers were planned, but the last was serendipitous.  As a health-conscious mother of two in the 1990’s, I was not enthused by my children’s love of processed cereals.  Hard as I tried, I couldn’t find anything that satisfied their taste and my desire for natural ingredients and less sugar.

I decided to make my own granola and perfected a recipe my family enjoyed. For years, it remained our own household staple until one evening, when I needed a hostess gift.  I was in a rush and didn’t have a spare bottle of wine or a fancy candle. So I grabbed some granola I had just roasted, poured it in a nice container and placed it in a gift bag for our dinner hosts.  It was a hit!  Our friends loved the “not too sweet” taste and “easy on the teeth” texture.

My granola has since become a favorite and constant request from family and friends. Now, it's available for everyone to try with just a few clicks of your mouse!


May every bite be “just right” – not too sweet, not too hard.