Aunty Ada's Granola

Handcrafted in small batches. Always made with love.

The OG (Original Granola)

The granola that started it all! The “OG” is made with rolled oats, raw sliced almonds, raw pecan pieces, unsweetened coconut and pure maple syrup. Delicious on everything!


Sea Salt Chocolate

A fan favorite that keeps you coming back for more! Addictive and perfect on yogurt bowls, parfaits, ice cream, or right out of the container. This sweet and salty combination can't be beat!


The Lemony Blues

Made with wild blueberries and the zest of fresh lemons, the Lemony Blues has a sweet and zesty taste that will jump-start your morning or pick you up in the afternoon!


Artisanal Granola


Ok, OMG, my son and I tasted your granola this morning and, we both just said, “WOW!”


I am hooked!!!!


We LOVE the perfect texture (not too sticky or crunchy like others) and it’s not too sweet!